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Two Indian Brands Collaborating for World's Toughest Team Sport “Adventure Racing”

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

NthAdventure partners with Adventure Worx, a leading Outdoor gear brand which prides in “Made in India” products for Mountain sports, Cycling, and Running, reliable and fashionable gear that empowers passionate adventure seekers to explore beyond their comfort zones.

India is home to numerous Adventure Sports, for all seasons. The diverse terrain and vast culture of the country has boosted the Adventure Tourism of the country. There are many Made in India brands who have realized the growing demand in advanced gears and cater to the requirement to the Indian audience. Adventure Worx is one such top brand in the field.

Adventure Worx has been supporting Adventure Racing in India for a couple of editions and it's now that both the brands have collaborated towards the next big phase.

Adventure Worx was born in the majestic Himalayas of India. The founders of Adventure Worx are passionate hikers and love Himalayas. While trekking through the awe-inspiring landscapes, the founders of Adventure Worx realized a significant gap in the Indian market – the absence of a homegrown brand offering high-quality hiking gear. Recognizing the need for superior equipment among trekkers and hikers, a collective experience of over 30 years in the mountains they conceived the idea of Adventure Worx. After a few years of contemplation, the team materialized their vision in 2016, establishing the brand.

Adventure Worx places great emphasis on meticulous product design, conducting real market testing before moving forward with production. The team prioritizes the quality and reliability of each gear item they create, ensuring that customers can trust in their performance. The mission is to make Adventure Worx “the go-to” adventure brand in India. They design and manufacture high-quality affordable adventure gear with rich features that meet our customer needs while promoting sustainability using locally made materials.

Mr. Puttaraj, Co-founder, Adventure Worx says "Adventure sports is the most sought-after recreation activity in India with the young and young at heart aspiring to have active lifestyle and make memories with the thrills of conquering mountains, marathons, cycling brevet, etc., While at grass roots this sport is evolving there is a significant interest for the professional sports like adventure racing. We are seeing the team at Nth Adventure passionately pursuing organising the sports and making all efforts to get more Indian's involved in it. We saw a perfect fitment for us to get associated with them and we are glad

that we have partnered to provide our gear to the athletes and making efforts to grow the market that way"

NthAdventure, India’s ONLY licensed organization to host Adventure Races in India and take pride in representing the Global Adventure Racing World Series, its values and vision through the sport while showcasing our Incredible India. Adventure Racing community is rapidly growing in India and now there are many teams experienced the sport firsthand are training to be competitive Teams aiming to represent India at International Races. Round the year we conduct Navigation workshops, miniature version of Orienteering runs on foot, bikes, kayaks and Adventure Racing Workshops for open to public and universities, conducting sprint races from 30 KM to 60km part of National AR Series to hosting 3 ARWS Asia Regional Races.

Ms. Ajita Madan, Co-founder, NthAdventure says, “We are happy to collaborate with Adventure Worx. Their vision aligns with our brand & Purpose, we are glad for their constant support towards the sport which is taking its due space in India. Our collaboration comes at a moment where we can host Asia Regional Races, teams representing India at Asia Championship and India’s own National Championship. The opportunities are enormous for brands who like challenges and curate opportunities out of it. We welcome them onboard and look forward to working together.

Our 2nd Edition of Adventure Racing Championship India scheduled to take place in Goa from September 8th to 10th 2023 is a National Championship event, with the theme of Goa Beyond Beaches. Our winning team will have an opportunity to represent the country in the upcoming Asia Championship in Philippines in November 2023.

The winning teams of our full course (120KM) and short course (60KM) will be delighted to receive kit from Adventure Worx with their amazing gears. And for our Champions who will qualify for Asia Regional Championship there are some amazing surprises. With ARC India – Goa 2023 India ends the 2023 ARWS Asia Regional Calendar and from December 2023

we move to next calendar of 2024. The next year we bring new energy and new theme and some amazing locations with our Adventure Gear Partner - Adventure Worx.

Stay tuned for more information, join us for the Championship event and spread the word. Let’s Amplify Adventures together.

For more information about Adventure Worx do visit:

Social Media: @adventureworx

For more information about NthAdventure and to collaborate visit:

Social Media: @nthadventure @arwsasia

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