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It all started with a dream. Our passion for sports, adventures, and the outdoors led us to explore the world. The Adventures which we were exposed to gave us the motivation to share it with all. Our aim is to amplify your adventure thus we are proud to say NthAdventure is the home for Adventure Race in India. Hosting Adventure Races in India since 2017 and ONLY LICENSED organization to host ARWS standard Adventure Races across India.


In this process, we are privileged to be associated with some of the amazing sports across the globe like Adventure Racing, Orienteering,  Rogaining and many more.

  • THAILAND 2022 - Krabi AR and Samui AR 2022 as Brand Manager - AR World Series and International Race Director

  • LESOTHO 2022 - Expedition Africa 500 KM AR - As Referee, and Transition Manager 

  • MAURITIUS 2019 - Expedition Africa 350 KM AR on the Island of Rodrigues – As Marshall

  • HIMACHAL PRADESH 2019 - Expedition India 450 km – Participants as "Team NthAdventure"

  • SOUTH AFRICA 2018 - Expedition Africa 550 km - As Marshall

  • NEW ZEALAND 2017 - Godzone Adventure Race 600 km -  As Marshal 

  • JAMMU & KASHMIR, LEH 2017 - Expedition India 450 km - As Marshall

  • Proud member of the "Adventure Racing World Series" family and represent INDIA under ARWS ASIA SERIES 

  • Successfully hosted India's First 24-hours ARWS Asia Series "Namma Adventure Race" in Udupi, Karnataka

  • Hosted India's first AR India Championship 2022 in Chikkamagaluru.

  • ONLY licensed organization to host ARWS standard Adventure Races across India

  • Host of NARS - National Adventure Race Series (India) 

  • Annual Ambassador Program for Adventure Racers.



We have been organizing multiple sprint races of 4 / 10 hours as part of NARS and multiple 24 / 48 hours races as part of the ARWS Asia Series. This sport is growing and we are here to create more awareness through our Ambassador program and racing platforms across India.

India will be hosting 3 ASIA Series races, along with the annual AR India Championship, where the winner QUALIFY for Asia Regional Championship.   

We also have our very own Premier Adventure Racing team – Team NthAdventure and represented NthAdventure in Expedition India – 2019 in Himachal Pradesh and Samui Adventure Race - 2022 in Thailand. The team is now gearing up to represent India in more races in the coming years.​ 

Join us to build an Adventure Racing community in India with our  AMPLIFYING ADVENTURE



Co-Founder, Brand & Asia Manager - ARWS



Co-Founder, Events & Collaborations, ARWS Referee


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