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Adventure Race is back in INDIA post Lockdown

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

NthAdventure is back to Adventure Racing so as INDIA. NthAdventure successfully completes their welcome back edition of Adventure Race on 1st of November 2020 in Karnataka, India.

NthAdventure drives and focuses on creating awareness and building a skill set for Adventure Race in India since 2015. This lockdown was hard in many ways but now Team NthAdventure, India and Participants are ready to experience Adventure Racing like never.

This welcome back edition had 2 categories:

  • Adventure Race 25KM (Team of Two – MEN / MIXED / WOMEN)

  • Adventure Race 60KM (OPEN Team of TWO)

  • Also had a SOLO category for all those who wish to experience the race under 25K category.

Disciplines Included in this welcome back edition:

  • Mountain Biking (Some hike-a-bike section), Trail Running, Hiking, Zipline, Abseiling, Swimming, Orienteering

This course attracted elite athletes, Ironman, Ultra Runners, OCR, National & International athletes, fitness enthusiast & outdoor lovers. 40 Adventure Racers stood in the red at the start line of this edition.

Race Director, Ajita Madan says, “The courses were set in the Kanakpura area and the terrain was a mix of rugged woods, bamboo forest, scrub, farmland and lakes, with some steep climbs and downhills for the hiking section. During the MTB we had sections on Jeep roads with little tarmac, so only trained cyclists could ride it all, and the rest had to do some hike-a-biking.” The winning team of 25KM category took 6 hours & 40 Min whereas 60KM team took 7 hours 28 min. This course challenged everyone is some or the other way.

"Matheshwaran" 17-year old, youngest Participant who raced with his coach says, "NthAdventure race is my first race. This race made me realise my strengths & endurance. Some times a bit of fear especially in mountain climbing and abseiling. But we really enjoyed the whole race. It gave us a spark to do more."

"Kali Varadan" a full-time Organic Farmer who has been part of NthAdventure races from its inception. He says this is a different level. The level of difficulties, organization, Pre-event, the course has raised the bar high. And glad India is ready for such races. To be up in the game we gotta do what we need to do.

Team FeetBees are triathletes and were the oldest participants. They said; “This is the toughest race we’ve done so far, and we completely underestimated the 60km category. Survival, skills, endurance and teamwork stand out as 4 pillars of this race. The happiness of completing it was immense. We will be back again for sure to better our time and WIN.”

Team Veera Kannadigas were newly-weds, married just 4 days before the race and said; “It was amazing, we are out of words. The cycling section was out of the world. We used to see this kind of races in Instagram and YouTube, nowhere in India, it is possible. You get the raw form of adventure. We are happy that we completed our first race as a couple and learnt so much.”

Race Director, Sayeesha Kirani says, “An emotional & proud moment standing at START line with these amazing adventure racers who showed true GRIT. We are happy to be in outdoors and doing what we love. We were stoked to hear the finish line stories from our participants. They experienced something amazing which they never expected, how deeply they enjoyed the course, wilderness, different sports segments and the importance of teamwork. Well, Adventure Racing is all about that and we are happy to share this passion.”

Now Team NthAdventure is gearing up to Launch 2021 Adventure Racing Calendar and more exciting formats for upcoming Adventure Races in India.

To know more about upcoming races do follow NthAdventure on:

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