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NthAdventure Bulletin - July 2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We all know that this year is in news for many reasons. Various measures have been taken in the interest of providing safety by each state and country Governments. This unfortunate time of the world has been quite tough, disconnected, and impacted majority of the organizations across the world. Adventure sports, travel and tourism industry was paralyzed and livelihood of many individuals in cities as well as remote villages were hit quite hard. Hoping world will be at peace at the earliest, and we all will embrace and respect the nature like never-before.

Adventure Race, a race which is a multi-disciplinary sport with team of 4 involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course, with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length covering 500+ KM through the diverse terrains.

NthAdventure drives and focuses on creating awareness and building a skill set for Adventure Race in India since 2016. Our 25 KM Adventure race series was launched for everyone who wishes to experience, learn, and train for our 120KM ‘24 Hours’ Adventure Race where winners get opportunity to represent India in International Adventure Races. All our Adventure Races are designed according to International Standards, following ARWS rules and team structures to provide the world-class experience to each of our athlete. Be it in India or anywhere else, the Adventure Racing remains the same.

We thrive to identify more adventure racers and create awareness on Adventure Race during this lock-down, we have decided to organize our Virtual Global Adventure Race where every athlete compete globally in their own time and place, complete the course and submit data online to obtain Global Ranking. Our first 25K Virtual Adventure Race was a great success with 100+ Adventure Racers taking part from 20+ Countries. The course was split into Hiking / Running, MTB, Run with 4 Kilos of Backpack, Orienteering, quiz on Adventure Race and transition videos. It was amazing to follow each racer across the globe with their creativity in each disciplines where they had some great fun at their own vicinity.

As we received so many inquiries on our next races, we are launching our 2 virtual races, Virtual Solo Adventure Race of 25K and 75K categories and Virtual 100K Adventure Race with Solo and Team of 2, not to forget we are amplifying challenges and skills with these races. Suitable for beginners as well as AR athletes to get onto practice mode. We are also gearing up for our 25K and 120K race events once the world opens for racing.

In current times, it is tough on brands to collaborate. However, we are so proud to have STRIVE – PLANT BASED NUTRITION on board for our 3 Virtual Events (Night Trail Run, 25K Adventure Race, Tandem Challenge) where they offered some great discounts for our participants as well as gifting their amazing Protein Shakes on behalf of all our virtual event winners to the Young athletes of Parikrma Football club (Parikrma Humanity Foundation).

We look forward to inviting everyone to try our amazing adventure races as its one of the most sought experiences in the world. Adventure Race is gaining its momentum and will be recognized across the globe considering the launch of the much awaited 10 Episode Series on Amazon Prime titled “World’s Toughest Adventure Race – Eco Challenge, Fiji” this August 2020 hosted by Bear Grylls and produced by Mark Burnett, shot in 2019 with 66 Teams testing their body, mind and team spirit.

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