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NthAdventure brings to you world-class Adventure Races that are on par with international standards, complying with ARWS rules. Our focus is to give the adventurer in you an experience second to none in the world. Creating awareness, building a skillset and increasing awareness of this exciting sport in India is one of our main mottos.


Adventure Racing is a multi-discipline sport that involves outdoor activities like trekking, trail running, biking, swimming, abseiling, caving, rope works, kayaking- all integrated into a single event. An adventure race can be of 3-6hours or can go on up to 10days, covering an average distance of 500 or more Kms. Exploring an uncharted wilderness using your orienteering skills is the essence of this sport. It is a team sport that tests your mental fitness, tactical skills, communication skills, your ability to stay calm in stressful situations, physical fitness, stamina, and endurance. It challenges both your body and mind. It teaches you to take one for the team, as teamwork is the core of this race as you must cross the finish line along with your team.


If exploration, expedition, and challenges are your cup of tea, then NthAdventure’ s 25K AR Series is for you. We have three 25K Adventure Races along with a momentous 100K Adventure Race lined up for 2020. Participation in each of the 25K races will earn you points and the team with the highest points will get a paid entry to the challenging 100K race along with other race perks.


Make the best use of our Orienteering and Rogaining Trainings and get ready to embrace the outdoors.

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