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"Exploring the Ultimate Bike Solution: Squirt Cycling Products and NthAdventure Partnership"

Squirt Cycling Products from South Africa collaborates with NthAdventure "Indian Adventure Racing organization" to support ARWS Asia Series.

Squirt Cycling Products was founded in South Africa by mountain bikers in 2003. The first product developed was Squirt Chain Lube, a new concept in chain lubrication. In 2004 Squirt became the official chain lube supplier at the inaugural Cape Epic, gaining popularity in Europe and in the US thereafter. Mountain biking legends Ned Overend from Specialized, Travis Brown from Trek and Mike Kloser (also international adventure racer) became early adopters and have used it ever since. Squirt is a strong supporter of mountain biking, gravel racing and NICA in the US. Other products we produce are tire sealant, bike cleaner, skin protection balm and others. Although our products are available online, distribution in the US mainly takes place from our warehouse in Grand Junction via traditional sales channels through bike shops.

Squirt is a global brand and has been associated with Adventure Racing World Series and supporting Adventure Racing for many years. They have many innovative products that cater to the needs of Mountain Bikers, Adventure & Endurance Racers, and cycling communities. 

Team Shershah with Squirt Products during Felicitation

Last year during ARWS Asian Championship 2023 held in Philippines, Squirt supported our Indian Teams with the much-needed bike care products. Teams made used of the products during training as well as during the race. Now we can't wait more Adventure Racers to experience these products.

Danie and Ajita Madan at the Start line of AR World Champs 2023 - South Africa

"We met Mr. Danie Van Wyk at the Adventure Racing World Championship 2023 in South Africa, and we got connected through his passion for the sport. Their organizations efforts towards growing the AR community, able to understand athletes' requirements & curating innovative products that reach every athlete is something to appreciate. Having Squirt supporting our Asian Races & a chance for our Indian athletes to experience their quality products, we are humbled & excited." says the Co-founder @ajitamadan

NthAdventure is a home for Adventure Racing in India and we have been curating many Adventure Racing platforms for Indian and Asian Athletes. India hosts 2 National AR Qualifier and one National AR Championship which decides the Indian Representing Team at the Asian Championship. We are happy that all the winners of Namma Adventure Race, Odyssey Adventure Race and Adventure Racing Championship India will get to experience Squirt Products.

There are more exciting announcement coming and we are super proud of each partner.


Read more about our partner here:


About NthAdventure: NthAdventure is a Bangalore based Adventure Racing company and is the only licensed organization in India to host Adventure Racing from Adventure Racing World Series - USA. NthAdventure’s prime focus is to grow and build Adventure Racing and Orienteering community in India. Both the Race Directors have been part of multiple Expedition Races and have been conducting workshops, training sessions, webinars, and multiple sprint races since 2016 to help Indian teams race ready at global stages.

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