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India’s Road to Asia Regional Championship 2023 – Philippines

A proud moment for India as it begins its journey to Asia Regional Championship 2023 Philippines. After years of hard work, India finally has an opportunity to represent the country at a Global Platform.

Team Shershah and Skyrunners at Felicitation Event
Team Shershah and Skyrunners at Felicitation Event

Adventure Racing in India is growing rapidly introducing many new teams and budding adventure racers to the sport. Races hosted by NthAdventure is a great platform for young to elite Teams to experience the beauty of this World’s Toughest Team Sport in home country through diverse terrain, culture, and disciplines.

Ajita Madan, Race Director, NthAdventure says, “After years of hard work, finally we have Indian Teams representing at this prestigious Global Platform, Asia Regional Championship. We are proud of both of our teams. They have really worked hard for this day. We have seen them growing over the years. We are also thankful for the brands who realize the potential of this sport and extend their support in every possible way. Over the years at various races, we supported every team for the first time, we will be cheering for our teams. Whatever the results maybe, for us and for entire Indian AR community these teams are an inspiration. It time now to show our support and cheer for them. Show the world the courage and unity of India in this magnificent team sport.”

"In the Indian history, two INDIAN teams participated at the FIRST ASIA Regional Championship - Philippines 2023. A 350KM Race including Hiking, Trail Running, MTB, Ocean Swimming, Paddling, Rope course on Biliran Island of Philippines."

Sayeesha Kirani, Race Director, NthAdventure says, “We don’t make athletes, we make adventure Racers. And these are our Adventure Racers who will be representing all of us. It's time to watch India on global platforms. Join us at our next event where we teach you "SUFFER BETTER” that's what our teams have been trained on. GO TEAM INDIA"

India at Global Adventure Racing Platforms

The first representation at global ARWS Series event was by Team NthAdventure who raced for 450KM Expedition Race in 2019. Led by Ms. Ajita Madan with her incredible Team mates Sayeesha Kirani, Manjunath and Kishore Yuvaraj.

Team NthAdventure continued to represent India at other Asian Regional Race. They went to become first Indian Team to race in Thailand, “Samui Adventure Race” in 2022.

In addition to hosting international level adventure races in the country, team NthAdventure represents India globally at various international races.


Team Skyrunners is our first qualifier for Asia Regional Championship. They won the First edition of National AR Championships 150KM Course in Chikkamagaluru, KA in 2022 to confirm their spot in Asia and are now ready for their next challenge on an international ground. Group of Ultra trail runners won various National trail events are well aware of physical and psychological challenges.

This will be their first appearance at the Asia Championship. Team is lead by Santhosh Gowda with Pratap Balageri, Raman Kumar Choudhary, Lipi Kalita.

Skyrunners at the Bangalore Airport heading to Philippines.
Skyrunners in Philippines exploring the new country in style

"We were waiting for this day to represent our country at Asia Regional Championship!! It’s our first international event and proud moment for our team. We are SkyRunners and ready to conquer the mountains of Philippines!!"

Santhosh Gowda - Captain, Team Skyrunners

Team Instagram: @skyrunners_india

More updates: @nthadventure @arwsasia

They are currently ranked at No. 1 on the ARWS Asia Ranking Board

Team Shershah is our second qualifier team for Asia Regional Championship. They won the 2nd edition of National AR Championships 130KM Course held in Goa in 2023 to confirm their spot in Asia now ready for their next challenge on an international ground. Multi-faced athletes, with a zeal to do big things have been dreaming about this moment.

This will be their first appearance at the Asia Championship. Team is lead by Manoj Prakassh with Dhanush C, Akshata Prakash and Bharath Gowda.

Team Shersha at the Bangalore airport heading to Philippines

"Asia Championship is our first 24+ hours race that our team will be going. Our game plan and a lot of new strategies have to be planned on the move for these 4 days of AR.

All I can say is "One step closer to the World Championship"

Manoj Prakash, Captain of Team Shershah

Team Instagram: @team_shershah

More updates: @nthadventure @arwsasia

They are currently ranked at No. 2 on the ARWS Asia Ranking Board.


Neil D’souza, India's Top Adventure Sports Moviemaker is the official Team Media for Team Shershah. He will be bringing all the action, updates and team Adventure Racing journey to your screens. Neil has been supporting Adventure Racing for many years and has been a integral part of the Indian AR community.

"India’s first Regional representation, happy to be part of the journey and can’t wait to see how they tackle Philippines adventure" - Neil D'souza


The Asia Championship flags off on 20th of November 2023. Make sure to follow @NthAdventure and @arwsasia on Instagram for all the updates.

NthAdventure - Home for Adventure Racing in India

NthAdventure is a Bangalore based Adventure and Outdoor sports company and is the only licensed organization in India to host Adventure Racing from Adventure Racing World Series - USA. NthAdventure’s prime focus is to grow and build Adventure Racing and Orienteering community in India. Both the Race Directors have been part of multiple Expedition Races and have been making continuous efforts to grow the sport in the country. Round the year they conduct, Navigation workshops, mini version of Orienteering runs on trails, bikes, kayaks and Urban, Adventure Racing Workshops for open to public and universities, conducting sprint races of 30KM to 60km which is a part of National AR Series and ARWS Asia Regional Races since 2016 to help Indian teams race ready at global stages.

For more information and upcoming races do visit

Brands supporting Indian Teams to represent at Asia Regional Championship:

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