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NthAdventure joins ARWS family as ARWS ASIA SERIES begins

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The Adventure Racing (AR) World Series unites in competition the world’s best endurance athletes at premiere Qualifier events around the globe. The top team at each of these races gains a coveted position on the start line of the annual pinnacle of the sport, the AR World Championship. Each international Qualifier event in the AR World Series sets a unique course to test mixed teams of four for up to 10 days of non-stop racing in the disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, navigation and more. Courses are always kept secret until just before the start.

Adventure Racing started with Raid Gauloises, a multi-day outdoor epic in extreme environments. Most sports start small and get bigger, longer, faster, and harder over the years, but not adventure racing, that started with expedition racing, which is still the pinnacle of the sport. They are the races that get the most budget, attention and media, primarily through the Adventure Racing World Series and Championships, which has established standards, rules (and their application through referees), and rankings, making the races a priority for teams around the world.

However, the path into expedition adventure racing isn’t an easy one, especially for those new to the sport and keen to start racing – it’s a big jump to leap straight into an expedition race! Many teams need to step up through smaller races to gain experience and to help make this transition the AR World Series has announced plans for ARWS Regional races and circuits.

ARWS Director Craig Bycroft explained, “We want to provide a clearer pathway into adventure racing, and to see more sportsmen and women racing, competing more regularly, and regarding adventure racing as “their sport”. “Providing shorter, more accessible and affordable races within the ARWS structure will help achieve this. It will be a long-term project, but so was establishing standards, rules, and rankings for ARWS, and we can now apply these to the regional races so teams can be assured of a good standard when they enter.”

The ARWS Asia Circuit is a collection of the best mid-distance adventure races in the Asian region. Event organizers set unique courses to test athletes over 125-250km of non-stop day and night racing in the disciplines of hiking, trail running, mountain biking, kayaking, and orienteering. Participating teams earn points towards their AR Regional Ranking and the winner of each round gains’ entry to the ARWS Asia Championship. The series winner of the Regional Championship gains an entry to the global Adventure Racing World Championship.

With the ARWS REGIONAL SERIES, the racing fraternity has extended to reach various regions, athletes to build the sport as well as racing communities across the world. NthAdventure India Race Director "Sayeesha Kirani" explained, “With the launch of ARWS Regional Series and India being part of ARWS ASIA SERIES is a big boost for Adventure Tourism in India as we are ready to showcase the beauty of our Incredible India. We invite athletes from across India as well as Asian countries wherein they all complete, challenge, embrace nature and impact local communities, at the same time teams will earn ARWS Asia Regional Rankings.

NthAdventure drives and focuses on creating awareness and building a skill set for Adventure Race in India since 2015. NthAdventure India Co-founder, "Ajita Madan" explained “We began our AR journey with 25 KM Adventure race series which was launched for everyone who wishes to experience, learn more about Adventure Races, gradually introduced 12 hours & 24-hour races. All our Adventure Races are designed according to International Standards, following ARWS rules and team structures to provide a world-class experience to each of our athletes. Be it in India or anywhere else, Adventure Racing remains the same. For 2021, in addition to 25KM & 60KM Adventure Races, NthAdventure will be hosting three 24-Hours races in India as part of the ARWS ASIA SERIES including the India Regional Championship. This pandemic had halted our scouting, but now Team NthAdventure back on course designing the first 120KM (24-Hour race) of 2021 scheduled for May 28, 29 & 30, 2021.”

Every team that participates in an ARWS Asia Regional Round earns points towards their AR World Ranking. These are a ranking order of adventure racing teams from around the world based on their 4 best results over the previous two years. These points will also rank Asian teams in the ARWS Asia regional rankings. Teams wanting to supercharge their regional points can do so if they participate in multiple regional rounds and the ARWS Asia Regional Championship. Asia also has several much longer expedition length adventure races with courses over 500KM.

“Brandon Chee” has been appointed the Series Director for Asia, who will coordinate and bring together the adventure racing calendar and series throughout the Asia region. Brandon said “It is an exciting time for adventure sports in Asia and many people are looking for these life-changing adventures now. I am super motivated to bring adventure racing to the region. I’ve already started working with a number of countries including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia”.

ARWS Director International Events & Branding Heidi Muller said “Asia has so many vibrant cultures and landscapes that adventure racing teams just love. Adventure Racing offers so much more than traditional sports, it has nature, beauty, deep friendships, personal challenges, and incredible experiences. It’s these reasons that we are seeing AR growing so rapidly throughout Asia.”

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